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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 9, 2009 1:30am-2:00am EDT

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successful. i want to say ankle for your great support and leadership, mitch. [applause] i also want to a knowledge the leadership of my predecessor at the in our s c snt -- nrsc. thanks for your leadership as well. to my fellow texans, some wonder why we have two texans heading up the nrsc. i will let you reach your own c.
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i want to say to my friend and colleague, the vice chairman orrin hatch, he has been a warrior in raising money for us. if you have been the recipient of one of his calls, you know what i am talking about. he is making calls a day and night. he is making calls from washington, and utah, and wherever he is to wherever you happen to be. many of you know that i am here because of a call from him. no matter how much you play good the supple, you know that you can give more, and he will be the first person to remind you. thank you for being a great vice chairman and serving as our dinner chairman tonight. [applause]
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it is a refreshing thing to give the kind of speech from hollywood that he gave tonight. to newt gingrich, he has been an idea factory for our party for many years. we look forward to hearing from you. thank you very much for being here tonight. thank you for your leadership and your ideas. and i want to say to governor palin and her husband, thank you for being here with us tonight. thank you for your great leadership. we appreciate you very much. [applause] now we are going to have a short video that we produced. it shows what is at stake in this election, the principles
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that we are fighting for, and i were -- and how determined republicans are to bring back the conservative leadership here in washington. this video was produced in house and cost next to $0. widom book is our contribution on winning senate elections in 2010. thank you all for supporting as during this cycle. i hope you feel that you are part of the team. we are headed for a comeback. thank you, and good night. watch the video. [applause] ♪
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>> let us renew our board determination, our courage, and our strength. ♪ >> usa, usa.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back tonight senator orrin hatch. [applause] >> i just want to thank all of you for being here tonight and for supporting both the house and the senate. we simply have to take both of them back. we simply have to. [applause] i want you to know how much we love and appreciate all of you. god bless you and keep helping. [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the hon. pete.
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♪ >> thank you very much. senator cornyn, thank you for coasting this tonight with the nrcc. i had the opportunity to see exactly what table i am at. 218 the winning card tonight. [applause] we cannot wait to get there with you. it is going to be great. let's go towards victory. that is and gentlemen, our job on the house side is to retire nancy pelosi. [applause] i want to thank each and every one of you for being here tonight. my thanks especially to paul ryan and has done an outstanding
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job as chairman of tonight's dinner. congratulations and thank you very much. as you have seen in an earlier video, we have highlighted the american entrepreneur tonight. i would like to also recognize one person from pinellas county florida. with only a backpack and a several dollars, he came to this country as a young boy to seek the american dream. from retail worker to founder of a successful real estate investment company to mayor and public servant, he has built his american dream through hard work, innovation, and a steadfast belief of a free enterprise system. j., would you please stand for us. [applause]
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thank you for your inspiring example of on for new ships and service. i know -- inspiring example of entrepreneurship and service. we now want to recognize another person in our audience. as many of you know, bob was attorney journal of virginia, and he is our republican candidate for governor this year with an outstanding record of job creation, strengthening the free enterprise system, and building safer communities. his strong leadership will bring republicans to victory in virginia that will help fuel our resurgence across this country.
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thank you for being here with us tonight. i also want to thank others for their hard work. we are showing america that we are a unified party with the best solutions to create jobs and to grow our economy. republicans, we are standing together to fight against the borrow and spend agenda of nancy pelosi and her pelosi puppy -- pelosi puppet democrats. they give her a blank check week after week to do with what she wants what the american taxpayers' hard-earned dollars. i believe the american people are increasingly alarmed with what they see. the real consequences of democrats rule in washington
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with a trillion dollars spending sprees, more debt in our nation's history, would stop killing taxation and regulation, i really do not think this is the change that americans thought they could believe in the last election. where i come from, people pull together during tough times, united with a defined set -- sense of national goals with the best interest of every american. as republicans, we share this interest of empowering people, not the government. not just to create jobs in growing our economy, but also to ensure that america's best days lies in our future. this is in stark contrast to nancy pelosi and her democrats in congress, because they apparently believed that the solution to every problem is bigger government and
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apparently their definition of economic activity means picking winners and losers in the marketplace at the expense of millions of jobs. the bottom line is that the american people know we cannot tax, borrow, and spend and regulate our way back to economic prosperity. i am here tonight to say that republicans are working tirelessly for fiscal responsibility and to hold democrats couple for their actions. together, we are shunning the light on back room deals. we are uncovering the truth behind unproven accusations, and we are promoting transparency and oversight on behalf of american taxpayers. they deserve much better from their government than what they are getting. let's take a listen now and see have a united, energize, republican conference is
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fighting to reclaim the majority of congress. thank you for being here tonight. god bless you and god bless america. [applause] >> this is a fact news alert. the house has passed a bill earlier today. it was246-183 without a single republican vote. >> every single house republican voted against a misguided house spending bill. >> a setback for the administration. a boost for republicans in the senate. >> speaker policy has designed this bill. this is not a bill that will provide any stimulus. >> there was a moment where the republican party said this is not what we stand for. in unison, every house
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republican voted against that big tax and spend project. >> when the house stood together, that is where the courage starts. i think that coverage has been contagious. it has encouraged a lot of us to keep working. i think the american people said, maybe we can stop this. they started calling. that is where it all began. >> here we are with 1100 pages. at one member of this body has not read. we are going to let the american people see what is in this bill for 48 hours. but no, we do not have time to do that. >> you have to be kidding. >> there was a massive bill what the devil is in thie details. it is in this bill. >> the biggest redistribution of wealth in our nation's history. >> the democrats answer for everything is to go in other trillion dollars added. they think the biggest way to
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get at the financial mess is to borrow more money. >> they think they can throw money at problems. we have seen that time and time again. >> by being united, republicans are sending a signal to the people of the united states that the policies of this congress and this administration are wrong. >> i have not seen a republican congress as unified as it is today. the republican conference is unified in its opposition of this search of the new democrat government. >> americans can count on republicans throughout this session as we face the issues as they relate to health care, spending, energy, all of those issues. we are going to be together. we are going to represent the views of the american people and make sure that we are on their side always. ♪ [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our next guest. >> good evening, everybody. change has come to washington. this is not the kind of change i would argue the american people thought they were going to get. when they went to the post in november for hope and change, they did not think we would triple the national debt. they did not think it would have government-owned car companies. i want to thank you all for being here tonight to help us get the change back that we need. what we hear tonight is not so that republicans can beat democrats. that is not what this is about. d applause] >> we believe in the american ideal, the ideas that built this
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country: freedom, liberty, self-determination, free enterprise and entrepreneurship. that's what the american ideal is. you work hard, you play by the rules, you enjoy the fruits of your labor. that's what made this time beautiful, most prosperous nation on the planet, in the history of the planet. and what is the kind of change the president and his party are bringing us today? they want to replace that notion, that idea of equalizing opportunity for all americans with the european notion of eek liesing the results of -- equalizing the results of people's lives. that is not what america is all about. and for us to get back, for us to reclaim the american ideal, we've got to be the reform party we used to be. we've got to be the party of ideas. and guess what? we got a special treat tonight. because the architect of the last reform movement, the man of ideas, newt gingrich, is our
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keynote speaker this evening. [cheers and applause] >> he was the architect of the contract with america. newt gingrich was named time magazine man of the year in 1995 because they could not neglect the fact that he led a massive and important transformation of our government at the end of the 20th century. newt is here with his lovely wife carissa this evening. we're about to see a video which we'll show you that this man of ideas is still there. this is not a man with ideas, he is the man of ideas. ladies and gentlemen, newt gingrich. [cheers and applause] >> november 1992, the democrats
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had just won control of the white house as well as a 82-seat majority in the house. and a near filibuster proof majority in the senate. republicans were in a deep minority. they were looking for answers. they were looking for a leader. in just two years, the democrats had taxed and spent and threatened to take over healthcare and expand the welfare state. our way of life, our freedoms were in yep are ditch. and so americans began a new revolution. and a congressman from georgia would lead the way. >> this is truly in a way that very few political events ever are a historic event. >> under the leadership of newt gingrich, republicans promised a new contract with america. sweeping reforms on a government that had grown too much. and for the first time in 40 years, republicans won control
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of the house and the senate. >> we're winning. we're winning. we're winning. >> this was a resounding victory for freedom. the republicans' revolution. >> mr. clerk, the speaker elects newt gingrich, aren't from georgia. >> newt gingrich pledged with passion to restore america's promise. he was the first republican speaker in 40 years. and everyone could feel the significance of that moment. >> we can find ways to reach out and break through the bureaucracy and to get every american child a better chance. >> and so began the most productive first 100 days of any time in history. we are on schedule. we are getting the job done with enormous help from the american people. >> middle-class tax relief,
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anticrime legislation, job creation, tort reform, small business incentives, and a balanced budget. but that's not where our story ends. newt gingrich is still one of the most active voices of our conservative movement. >> having the health system become more efficient, taking the waste out of administrative costs, drill here, drill now, pay less. and i believe we have to elevate fundamental break throughs in learning for all americans. >> armed with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, this former history teacher continues to not only inspire but educate audiences around the country. >> 700 plus e. parties around america today. you want to put lots of money back in this economy? put it back with the american people. that's called being a customer, not being a bureau carat. >> we're going to return america to a past that allows us to
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pursue happiness ourselves. >> from foreign policy to healthcare, from the environment to free market principles, newt is one of the most respected experts on conservative policy. and he's led many organizations focused on delivering real change. our story, our republican story, is a proud one. we believe in people. we believe in families. we believe in freedom. newt gingrich knows we must remember the values that made our party and our nation strong. and together we can take back this great country again. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the honorable newt gingrich. [cheers and applause]
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>> thank you all very, very much. and i'm going to thank mcconnell and john baner for inviting me on behalf of the two committees. i want to thank john corner and pete sessions for having been such gracious hosts. i also want to thank governor pay lynn and todd for coming tonight and for being part of this -- governor palin. [cheers and applause] >> i came in with sarah and todd. we came to the bottom of the steps over here. john mccain was there very gracious,ly welcoming us. i have to tell you. despite every effort of the elite media to prop up joe biden
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and pretend he actually knows what he's doing, i felt looking at john mccain and sarah pail lynn this country would have been amazingly better off had they been in the white house. [cheers and applause] >> i also want to say that i think on behalf of both campaign committees that john voice has given you your battle cry for the next year and a half. and i say this having once with haley barber and bob doll crisscrossed the country when we've been out of power for 40 years and people thought we were absolutely out of our minds to suggest we could actually win a majority. i think the phrase "do not tell me it can't be done" is about as good a way to start thinking about 2010 and 2012 as you could imagine. [applause]
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>> and i think our goal should be to reach out to the american people in every possible way, to make sure that john baner becomes the speaker of the house in january of 2011, that mitch mcconnell becomes the senate majority leader, and that this is a one-term presidency in the jimmy carter tradition. [cheers and applause] >> let me be candid. watching that video, a lot has changed since 1994. then i was a father, and my two daughters, kathy and jacky, are here tonight and we're thrilled that they're here. but now i'm a grandfather. maggie is 9 and robert is 7. then i was an elected official who'd been a college teacher.
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now calista and i run 24 mall businesses. like the 26 million other small business owners we are burdened with payroll taxes, red tape and all the challenges of trying to create jobs in a government-hostile environment. back then i came to chair the medicare reform task force. now i'm on medicare. back then i went to the movies. now calista and i make movies. so i recognize that 2009 is not 1994. but i want to say to all of you, as republicans, we have been here before. 1965, 1977, 1993. in each case we had lost. they'd been hard years. the news media was fleefully hoping we would disappear. 19651966 in which we picked up
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47 house seats, swept the major -- including ronald reagan in california. two years later in 1968 we began the first of 40 years of presidency in which no overt liberal in 40 years won the presidency. [applause] >> 1977 when jimmy carter's inaugural day popularity was higher than barack obama's was followed by 1980 in which ronald reagan won a decisive victory and fundamentally changed the course of america. 1993 in which bill clinton was creating a new democratic party was followed by 1994 in which the democratic party suffered its worst defeat in 40 years. now, history teaches us that there is a clear road back to a majority. that this is a time for
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optimism, for solutions, and for a focus on hope and opportunity. we must focus on solving america's problems and creating solutions for america. the american people will take care of the republican party if we will work with them and focus on helping them. consider california. last november then senator obama got 61% of the vote. clearly a blue state by the current method of coloring things. but in may, stopping taxes and spending in sacramento got 64% of the vote and gave us an example of the great challenge facing the republican party. think about this. 64% of the people in california said, "sacramento is such a mess, they rejected raising taxes and raising spending." they wanted fundamental change
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in sacramento. 64% would be a massive majority in our largest state for a party which only a year ago got -- less than a year ago got 39%. but notice the challenge to many republicans. the referendum failed in every county. that is a majority of the voters of san francisco voted no. now, one of the challenges the republican party is are we prepared to be inclusive and not exclusive? let me be clear. [applause] >> and i say this having been active in thinking about this party and thinking about governing this country for 51 years. i am happy that dick cheney is republican. i am also happy that colin
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powell is a republican. [applause] >> a majority republican party will have lots of debates within the party. that is the nature of majorities. remember, reagan carried 49 states in 1984, and a lot of them were not hard-core conservatives. reagan won in 1980 by appealing to independent and unhappy democrats. there's not a single reagan speech where he doesn't say, "my fellow republicans and those independents and democrats who are looking for a better future." there were not enough republicans to win in 1980. there were not enough republicans to wind during that time. it was about 21% of believe. inclusion does not mean lack of principles.


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